It’s not about entering, it’s about bouncing. Our soft walls are padded firmly to make your jump reach sky high. Even when you fall, it’s not an option to stand, all you end up doing is flying. Does it sound exciting to you? The area of 20,000 square feet is wide enough to give you the ultimate bouncing experience. With everything in place, Jump Arena aims at providing you the open jump sessions with utmost comfort. Team up with your friends or family members for an exciting day out. Open Jump is suitable for all ages except kids less than 5 years of age. Come and join the thrill it is zone, a great exercise to liven up your mind and body. In case you are worrying about your kids’ safety, leave that thought at home. Our trained staff is available to ensure your kids leave our trampoline just with memories and not injuries. Book your session now, call our experts.

  • Open Jump is suitable for all ages except kids less than 5 years of age.
  • You are advised to jump with no load attached. Mobile Phones, Cameras, Jewellery and Sharp Objects are not allowed while jumping.
  • You are required to wear the socks approved by Jump Arena officials.
  • You are advised to jump in the center of trampolines.
  • You are requested no to bother other participants.
  • You are requested to acknowledge the presence of your parent or legal guardian.
  • You are required to adhere to all the safety rules and regulations once you are performing the activity.
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