For that perfect slam dunk, our trampolines are way too bouncy. Make your way to the hoop fast enough with our capacious area of 20,000 square feet. It surely feels like scoring a point same as your favourite basketball player. Don’t miss out the deals have for you – book online today. You surely don’t want any other player going for that smashing slam dunk before you. Hit it now only after you abide by the below mentioned rules:

  • You are not allowed to hang on the ring.
  • Only 1 person per lane is allowed to slam dunk at a time.
  • Land your feet after a dunk.
  • After the dunk, always land on the trampoline surface.
  • You are not allowed to touch the backboard.
  • You will follow the court marshal decision.
  • You will not jump if the court marshal or Jump Arena official is not present.
  • You will not jump or climb on the wall pads or nets.
  • You will jump within your ability.

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