Jump arena is all about spring loaded fun. A place where jumpers can literally bounce off the walls in a safe, controlled environment.

Packed with activities to suit everyone – from open jump to slam dunk to wall bouncing. What ever your age or bounce-ability, you’ll have an amazing time here at Jump Arena. With interconnected trampolines housed within a huge, vibrant arenas, it can be as easy or as challenging as you like; a training ground for athletes, a place to kick back and bounce for fun or a tough exercise that puts you in the middle of a high flying cardio workout.

If you need a helping hand, our trendily, highly trained team are always ready to offer safety tips and guide you in your overall experience.

If you need a break from the action or you are simply happy to watch take a seat in our cafe where we serve a range of delicious snacks and beverages.

Visit one of our Jump Arenas across the U.K. And book your jump today.

Those who don’t jump will never fly.

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